The company has established a corporate mission of ¡°contributing to the progress and development of mankind and society, and pursuing the happiness of both the material and the spirit of all employees¡±. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, the company put forward the development strategy of company ¡°Building a happy enterprise with family culture¡±.

Today is the era of "corporate socialization" and "social enterprise". This means that an important driving force for the development of modern society comes from enterprises. Enterprises are not only the cells of society, but also the carriers of society. Therefore, enterprises should exist for social harmony and the happiness of employees, and must not exist for the sole goal of creating economic benefits.

The times call for conscience management, and the times need to operate a conscience to create a happy enterprise.

The core concept of the company we are pursuing:

1.A successful enterprise in the sense of traditional that refers to a large scale and making a lot of money. But a happiness enterprise is the most concerned with the happiness of employees and the value that enterprise create for society;

2.Happiness enterprise takes the company as a ¡°home¡± to care for and operate, and the employees are our ¡°families¡±;

3.Happiness companies advocate ¡°home culture¡±, but they are not advocating big pot rice. Happiness enterprises emphasize the commonality of philosophy and achieve high-yield business objectives while advocating family care and mutual help;

4.The purpose of a happy business is to let everyone understand what is true happiness. Happiness is our inhibition of desire, the day-to-day reduction of the heart, and the increasing heart of gratitude!

Wanjia Machinery will build a big family relationship with heart and soul, and love each other with a more pragmatic attitude, Constantly push forward the philosophy, so that more employees can realize the meaning of life. Wanjia Machinery will take the responsibility of protecting the environment and benefiting the society with the sense of responsibility of the times, and build a great health strategy for Wanjia Machinery.

In the future, Wanjia will continue to transform itself to create an efficient, healthy and sustainable high-yield management system based on the entrepreneur's mentality, laying a solid foundation for comprehensively promoting and building a model of a happy enterprise.