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What is Vacuum Cooler
Time:2018/7/21 18:03:43

What is Vacuum Cooling ?

Fresh vegetables&Fruits products are still vital after harvesting, and respiration and other physiological changes continue, accelerating product aging, wilting and yellowing. Low temperature can inhibit physiological changes that cause deterioration of the product and slow down the growth of bacteria.

At a standard atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of water is 100 C, the heat of evaporation is 2256 KJ / kg; when the pressure drops to 610 Pa, the boiling point of water is 0 C, the heat of evaporation is 2500 KJ / kg. As the gas pressure decreases, the boiling point of water decreases, while the amount of heat consumed by evaporation of unit mass of water increases. Vacuum pre-cooling is the rapid evaporation of water in a vacuum processing chamber at a lower temperature under vacuum conditions. In the process, more heat is consumed, and in the absence of an external heat source, a cooling effect is generated in the vacuum chamber. The vacuum pre-cooling technology is simple in principle and high in cooling rate, and is widely used in vegetable products preservation, transportation and storage.

Vacuum cooling is the quickest and most cost-efficient cooling system for vegetables, fruits, flowers and more. The vacuum cooling technology can prolong your postharvest products shelf time ,reducing rotting rate , and strongly improve your product quality ,Now is becoming an acceptable investment for almost all vegetable growers!


Vacuum Cooler Advantages

  • The most Efficient precooling method especially for leafy vegetables,only takes 15~30 mins cool down to 00C-50C

  • For certain vegetables, water can be introduced during the precooling process to enhance hydration

  • Extend shelf life by precooling vegetables faster than any other method

  • 1-3 year payback vs. leasing in most situations

  • Some commodities precooled without the addition of water, reducing water borne microorganisms

  • Precools vegetables in any unsealed container

  • No ongoing leasing payments, while building equity


How Vacuum Cooler works in Coldchain ?