Cooked food vacuum cooling machine
Time:2018/8/2 11:17:09

At present, The major precooling process of industrialized production of cooked food are cold room refrigeration and vacuum cooling. 

The problem cool room refrigeration is that the cooling time is too long, and great temperature difference between the food surface and its inside , and its easy to occur microbes attached to food surface after cooling. 

In the food production process, if cooked food is placed at 20 0C - 50 0C,The longer the time, the faster the bio-fermentation and bacterial growth.Will lead to serious bacterial over-standard problems in Production and shorten the shelf life of food. 

So our precooling solution is to avoid food cooled in 20 0C - 50 0C,restrain bacteria breeding.Our vacuum cooling technology is currently used in the cooked food industry.The best choice for rapid cooling of the product can effectively solve all of the above problems.

Our vacuum cooling process is always in a sealed environment to cool food,No Contaminates in cooling process. 

Running Process

Directly put cooked food from heat processing workshop our vacuum cooling machine, set product parameters on touch screen, the intelligent refrigeration system starts working upon pressing of the key , and the heat inside of cabinet will be discharged intelligently with control system, Once the temperature of food lowers to setting temperature, Control system will cease its work , and inlet valve will be open automatically to let in clean air to cabinet through filter to recover the pressure. Cooked food will enter low temperature bacterial free workshop outlet for further processing 

Advantages of vacuum cooling 

1.Higher oprating efficiency, less floor space and save labor

2. No risk of food contamination, and inhibit bacterial growth undre low pressure

3. Prolong the shelf life with no addition of preservatives or less


  • Stewing&Roasting Chicken,duck.Salted goose etc

  • Stewing pork,Beef,Muttom etc

  • River fish,sea-fish,cowry, crab etc 

  • Fried food,spring roll etc 

  • Stuffing ,ric dumpling stuffing etc

  • Rice,noodles,steam bun,corn,dumpling,sushi etc

Our Models :


Processing capacity per cycle: 50 kgTwo-stage water vapor catcherBeef vacuum cooling.jpg

Compact complete machine design, built-in vacuum pump, compressor.

Power&voltage: 7.0kw, 380v/50hz/3p

Chamber volume: L800xW500xH1000mm, 1 standard trolley

Installing dimension: L1918XW1266xH1867mm

Machine net weight: 3000kg

Optional configuration: Remote control; Out door system cover;Color


Processing capacity per cycle: 100kg Meat vacuum cooling.jpg

TWo-stage water vapor catcher

Separated design farthest distance 25m, biggest dispersion 5m

Power&voltage: 8.7kw, 380v/50hz/3p

Chamber volume: L1000xW700xH1000mm, 2 standard trolley

Installing dimension: L1300XW1000XH1700mm

Out door system dimension: L1500xW1300XH1700mm

Machine net weight: 3500kg

Optional configuration: Remote control; Out door system cover;Color


Processing capacity per cycle: 200kg

Two-stage water vapor catcher,Separated design, farthest distance 25m,biggest dispersion 5mcooked food vacuum cooling.jpg

Power &voltage 17.55kw, 380v/50hz/3p

Chamber volume: L1000XW800xH1800mm, 2 standard trolley

Installing dimension: L1224xW1400xH1989mm

Out door system dimension: L1800xW1400xH2150mm

Machine net weight: 4500kg

Optional configuration: Remote control; Out door system cover;Color


Processing capacity per cycle 300kgBread vacuum cooling.jpg

Two-stage water vapor catcher

Separated design farthest distance 25m, biggest dispersion 5m

Power &voltage: 21.0kw, 380v/50hz/3p

Chamber volumeL1200xW1000H1800mm,3 standard trolley

Installing dimension:L1800W1300H2200mm

Out door system dimension: L2200xW1800xH2200mm

Machine net weight: 5500kg

Optional configuration: Remote control; Out door system cover;Color


Processing capacity per cycle: 500kgFood vacuum cooler.jpg

Two-stage water vapor catcher

Separated design, farthest distance 25m, biggest dispersion 5

Power &voltage: 26. 7kw, 380v/50hz/3p

Chamber volumeL1200xW1000xH1800mm,3 standard trolley

Installing dimension: L1800xW1500xH2200mm

Out door system dimension: L2800xW1800xH2200mm

Machine net weight: 6800kg

Optional configuration: Remote control; Out door system cover;Color

The Features of our equipment

  • Unique two-stage water vapor catcher patent, energy-saving,better cooling performance

  • Vacuum control without temperature probe will bring moreconvenience in operation and less risk of contamination

  • Splash proof function for liquid or juicy-food

  • Friendly operation system, one button start, automatic running

  • Prestored preference settings, no confusing on different product processing

  • Compact design, smaller floor area needed, complete unit can be installed in the produce line with limited room

  • Customizing is available based on actualsituations

  • Remote monitor and control through internet

Quality Assurance

All our vacuum cooling are applied with top class electrical components with its high efficient performance ,Complete functions, rigorous production process and quality control,it effectively ensures the electrical safety and continuity of the machine, and guarantees and stable operation of the machine .