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Cut Flower Vacuum Cooling
Time:2018/8/4 16:39:15

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Fresh cut flowers should be rapid cooled immediately after harvest and stored at lower temperatures to extend the life . The life of fresh cut flowers is seriously damaged by factors, such as botrytis, bent neck etc. Temperature is one of the most important factors affecting the life of flowers. Rapid pre-cooling reduces the oxygen and ethylene release concentration of flower. The flower vacuum cooling technology controls the temperature and humidity by controlling the vacuum of the pre-cooling process. The level of vacuum required is related to the physiological characteristics of the flower, the amount of flower sensitivity, the humidity of the flower itself, and the performance of the vacuum cooling equipment. For flowers that require lower storage temperatures, when the temperature o is reduced by 10 C ,then the water loss 1%. Therefore, in order to avoid serious water loss, freshness and quality damage,Wanjia vacuum cooler can be used to strictly control The humidity of the flower can effectively prevent the dehydration while rapid cooling. 

Why vacuum cooling for cut flowers:

  • Rapid cooling , shorten the time that selling to market .Reduce cost of storage. 

  • Extend flower shelf time . more flexibility in sales

  • Keep flower in the best fresh when face to consumers 

  • Reduce waste when in long time storage room cooling

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