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Vacuum cooler is developing rapidly in China
Time:2018/8/9 9:28:08

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the advancement of cultivation techniques, refrigeration technology, the popularization of greenhouse cultivation and the development of the logistics industry, consumers have put forward higher requirements for fresh agricultural products, especially in freshness and appearance. , taste and so on. In this context, the vacuum cooler is well suited to the market demand, and solves many problems in the post-harvest, storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables for the industry.

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Vacuum cooling can effectively reduce the respiration intensity of fruits and vegetables after harvesting, reduce the quality changes of fruits and vegetables, and reduce the loss of fruits and vegetables after harvest. It is the primary link of cold chain logistics. It is very important for fruit and vegetable quality, shelf life, operational efficiency, cost saving, etc. Significance. In developed European and American countries, the development of vacuum cooler is earlier, the application is more extensive, and the acceptance of equipment by users is relatively high. Wanjia Machinery Co., Ltd. Relevant personnel said in an interview with the global fruit and vegetable network.

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In China, the market for vacuum coolers is still in its infancy, although the price of vacuum cooling equipment is relatively high, and the initial investment is large. For fruits and vegetables with relatively large surface areas, such as cucumbers and tomatoes, the cooling effect is not satisfactory. With the promotion and development in recent years, more and more Chinese growers have begun to accept and purchase vacuum coolers. After all, in the long run, compared with traditional machines, vacuum coolers are in terms of efficiency. It is economically more cost-effective.

With the support of the company's research team, we provide a variety of vacuum coolers to customers at domestic and abroad, covering vegetables, fruits and flowers. At this stage, our equipment is mainly sold to the domestic market, to growers and Vegetable distributors are the mainstay. After years of experience accumulation and technology research and development, the cost performance of our equipment has reached the international leading level. In the future, we hope to accelerate the expansion of overseas markets, mainly in Europe and North America."

"At present, there are two main challenges we face. First, overseas users do not know enough about the equipment of vacuum coolers in China. Secondly, the value of equipment is large and the service life is long. The domestic company's overseas after-sales service chain can still be done. Insufficient, which makes overseas users have great doubts about purchasing Chinese equipment. Therefore, establishing a complete set of overseas sales service system is what our company will do in the next two or three years."

"In the long run, I am still very optimistic about the development prospects of vacuum coolers in China. In recent years, China's vacuum coolers have developed very rapidly, and they are no less inferior to developed countries in terms of functional use, but according to me Estimated, the price can be about 60% lower than them."

Post date: 2018/8/6
Shiyan Sun

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