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Cooked food vacuum cooling
Time:2011/5/6 15:40:42

The rapid vacuum cooling of cooked foo that the cooked food is quickly cooled to a low temperature, so that the cooked food can be quickly separated from the high-speed breeding belt of 25-55 C, and the temperature is lowered to the proper storage temperature of the food, generally about 10 C, so that the cooked food is kept fresh. Significantly extended.

  This method of food preservation has been widely used in the high-end catering industry because it can ensure the safety and quality of food. All restaurants in the EU, vacuum rapid cooling are essential facilities.

In the traditional take-out, the temperature has been slowly decreasing from the time of delivery to the delivery of the customer, so that the food is in the high-speed breeding belt of bacteria (commonly known as "dangerous belt") at 25 C -55 C, resulting in customers eating When it comes to taste and nutrition, it is greatly reduced. This is also why we often see the yellowing of the leaves of the vegetables. The new flavor of the convenience of using the vacuum rapid cooling technology, just put it in the cooler to cool rapidly, and in the process of delivery, it has been kept at a safe temperature below 2 C, when it is delivered to the customer, only It takes 3-4 minutes to heat to the desired temperature. It greatly reduces the time the food is in the danger zone, thus improving the quality and taste of the food.

    Advantages of Wanjia brand cooked food fast cooling machine

1. With rapid cooling, the total number of bacteria in the product is one order of magnitude lower than that of the naturally cooled product during storage.

2. Fast cooling rate (only about 15-20 minutes for food center temperature to drop from 100 C to below 10 C, traditional cold storage for more than 6-10 hours)

3. Cooling evenly (the temperature of the food center and the surface temperature are simultaneously lowered, and the overall temperature drop is uniform)

4. It can keep all kinds of food fresh and shelf life extended, improve quality and ensure fresh taste.

5. Suitable for central kitchen, factory scale and standardized production, while achieving long-distance transportation

Now, do you have a new understanding of the new flavored lunchbox! Food, not only to see the beauty, but also to eat in the stomach! This is also the principle of our catering. Wanjia brand cooked food fast cooling escort for you.