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Precooling method of vegetable
Time:2011/5/6 17:45:43

1. The vacuum pre-cooling equipment is freed from the conventional vegetable processing method. The rapidly refrigerating vegetables can achieve rapid refrigeration and vacuum preservation. The vacuum condition within half an hour can kill the insects in bacteria and vegetables, and is humid at the critical point of the vacuum and the rainy season. Under the circumstances, the water retention rate of fresh vegetables can be adjusted. This kind of fresh-keeping machine can process 1000-6000 kg of vegetables each time, and can process 20-120 tons per day. The vegetables processed by the vacuum preservation machine can enter the vegetable preservation store and can be extended. The shelf life of vegetables is more than 1 month.

2. Through the processing of processed vegetables, the shelf life of processed vegetables is prolonged, and vegetable logistics methods are diversified. Vegetable bases can also be produced on a larger scale. After a large number of vegetables are produced, they can be slowly cooled according to market supply and demand. The sale of vegetables to maximize the shelf life of vegetables is a major breakthrough in vegetable preservation.

3. The vacuum pre-cooling equipment is only a cooling processing equipment, not a storage equipment. Its purpose is to quickly cool the item to the set temperature (while extracting harmful gases such as ethylene, acetaldehyde, ethanol, etc. inside the fruit and vegetable), and then take the item out of the device. The fresh fruits and vegetables after vacuum pre-cooling are in a dormant state. The restoration of vitality requires a time course, which is the preservation period.

4. Fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, fungi and other horticultural products are prone to deterioration and decay after harvesting. The vacuum pre-cooling technology and equipment are designed to prevent fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, fungi and other fresh crops from being refrigerated after harvest. Designed for the decline in freshness and quality during the process. The basic principle is that the postharvest fruits and vegetables, fungi and the like are placed in a vacuum treatment tank, and the water is evaporated from the surface at a low pressure, and the latent heat of evaporation is obtained by evaporation of water, thereby achieving the effect of rapidly and uniformly cooling the treated object. Generally, under vacuum treatment, it can be quickly and uniformly reduced to an optimum temperature of about 0 degrees in about 30 minutes, reducing decay, prolonging shelf life and shelf life. At the same time, with the constant temperature and humidity decompression warehouse produced by our company, it can effectively maintain (70 days freshness of leafy vegetables)

5. Cooling speed is fast, generally only 20-30 minutes to achieve the required refrigeration low temperature, while ordinary cold storage cooling takes 10-12 hours, or even longer. Therefore, it is possible to eliminate the field heat of vegetables, fruits, flowers and fungi in the first time after harvest, which is fatal to preservation.

6. Cooling evenly, vacuum pre-cooling can quickly cool the appearance and core of the fresh-keeping material, and achieve the required low temperature almost simultaneously from the surface to the inside, avoiding the external cold internal heat during the traditional refrigeration process, and the central temperature is difficult to rapidly drop, resulting in horticultural heat accumulation of horticultural products. And the phenomenon of decreased freshness.

7. The original sense of the item and the quality (color scent and nutrients) are kept best, and the quality of some items can be improved.

8. The surface of fruits and vegetables treated by vacuum preservation can effectively control the humidity, and there is no slight water loss on the surface during refrigeration, and it has the unique effects of inhibiting flowering, preventing yellowing of the incision, and inhibiting the bending of the body.

9. Fresh fruits, vegetables, freshness, color and taste are better, and the vacuum treatment is clean and hygienic, with long storage time and high market selling price.

10. Fruits and vegetables harvested in rainy days or fruits and vegetables washed with water can also be quickly treated, avoiding the internal heat phenomenon of fruits and vegetables, and also removing part of the surface moisture, which is beneficial to keep fresh.

11. It can be combined with air-conditioning to achieve high-precision preservation.

12. It is extremely suitable for the preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables such as fresh leaf vegetables, high-grade vegetables, special vegetables, wild vegetables, oyster mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, mushrooms, high-grade fruits and supermarket clean dishes.