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Wanjia tiny model vacuum cooler
Time:2018/6/27 8:11:59

With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for food has gradually shifted from the pursuit of quantity to the improvement of quality. The organic food market has developed under this situation and has developed

 rapidly in domestic and foreign markets. The requirements for ingredients are also increasing: whether it is freshness or appearance. In recent years, a company with a B2C fresh e-commerce in a 10-kilometer life circle has developed 

rapidly and sent to home one hour. B2C Fresh E-commerce Company only distributes for members, and members are high-end, which have requirements for quality of life. Relative to the price factor, they are more concerned about 

service awareness, such as the speed of visiting the homepage, the convenience of searching for goods, the smoothness of order placement, timely customer service communication, delivery speed, and immediate complaint resolution. 

If the e-commerce can truly make customers feel at ease, comfort and happiness, then that is the biggest success of the website. Quality control, cold chain, last mile, security, standardization... every node must have the best support. .

 The cold chain is especially important.

The development of the micro-fruit and vegetable vacuum cooler of Wanjia vacuum cooler has successfully solved the problem of cold chain. Let organic products get on the "fast train" of e-commerce. For a long time, 

most of the domestic vacuum coolers are more than 4 cubic meters, which is not suitable for the B2C market.

Wanjia miniature fruit and vegetable vacuum pre-cooling machine has small volume, low power consumption and low cost. It is well adapted to the requirements of B2C fresh delivery, and brings the advantages of vacuum cooler to merchants and consumers.