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A multi-functional vacuum cooler to help you make high quality fruits and vegetable
Time:2018/7/4 14:05:51

A multi-functional vacuum cooler to help you make high-end fruits and vegetables.As we all know, the fruits and vegetables that have just been picked from the field have the best nutritional content and the best taste. How to maintain this taste of nutrition has become a major problem in the distribution of many 

cold chains of fruits and vegetables.

Before and after fruit and vegetable harvesting, the heat temporarily stored in fruits and vegetables due to factors such as sunlight and temperature is called field heat. Most of the energy released by the respiration of fruits and 

vegetables is exothermed in the form of heat, which is called respiratory heat. Field heat and respiratory heat are the two heat sources that should be overcome first when fruits and vegetables are stored at low temperatures. This heat 

is released before and after storage. For example, if the field is distributed to the interior of the reservoir, the temperature of the reservoir will increase, and the respiration of the fruit will be strengthened, which will affect the storage

quality. In order to avoid this situation, the traditional practice is to harvest in the morning and evening when the temperature is low, or to store in the outdoor for a period of time, and then store in the room after the body temperature 

drops. This is a last resort. Still can't get rid of the helplessness of agriculture "by the weather to eat."

To do high-end fruits and vegetables, the problem of heat in the field and heat of the breath must be solved. Solving the heat in the field is equivalent to having a good start.

 According to the market demand, the research and development team of Wanjia Machinery Company took this important mission and worked hard to develop and produce a container-type multi-function vacuum cooler. 

Can be placed in the field, the first time vacuum pre-cooling to remove the field heat, inhibit the breathing of fruits and vegetables, and even can do the role of sterilization and de-worming. Really practical and flexible, comprehensive 

and cost-effective. It is the best choice for high-end fruits and vegetables.

Wanjia container vacuum cooler helps you deliver the freshest fruits and vegetables to consumers in the fastest and best way from far away places. As a result, your fruits and vegetables have no reason to sell.

Wanjia mechanical container vacuum pre-cooling machine has matured and been tested by the market, and has been highly recognized by users. It also makes a meaningful contribution to the development of vacuum pre-cooling i

ndustry, and has made a Contribution.