2X6 Pallets Vacuum cooler
Time:2018/7/13 12:03:41


ApplicationSoy Beans

Door typeAutomatic sliding
Valume of vacuum chamber 45m3(1400x6500x2200)mm
Cooling capacity in weight/pallets(6000-6500)kg 12 pallets
Processing time/per cycle(20-30)mins
Total running power75kw
Ultimate vacuum 600Pa
Target temperature(0-10)0C
Local supplied power
Approxi.weight overall ma20500kg
Vacuum pump Leybold
PLC control systemLG&Schneider
CondenserAir cooling


It is made specially for soy beans , According to the soy bean's characteristics and cooling requirement, we
custom one set special cooling system .Make it adapt to soy bean

General Description 

Standard Models&Basic Specs

Our standard range consists of models for 1 up to 10 pallets , and produce weight ranging from 500kg to 5,000kg .The number of pallets defines the chamber dimensions, and the number of vacuum pumps needed to create the vacuum.The gross weight of the products to be cooled defines the cooling capacity needed, Specific products might also need additional options like moisture enhancement systems(to reduce weight loss) where needed combined with sanitizing agent dispersion systems

vacuum cooling 11.jpg

For the vacuum chamber ,Three different types of doors can be used

Hydraulic Turnorver Door:Simple construction, Automatic operation, it's easy for installation.

Horizontal Sliding Door:This electrical driven door is optimal if the cooling skid is placed besides the vacuum chamber(one pallet model and >6 pallet systems )

Upward Lift Door: Hydraulic system, suggested solution for all systems from 2-12 pallets, Easy installation,easy ramp construction.

It is also possible to use two doors in combination with a roller belt system,for maximum efficiency of the loading process limited.

vacuum cooler door.jpg

Main Components

The size of chamber is defined by the amount of pallets you want to cool at the same time, and their individual

dimensions, the sie of the chamber will decide the number of vacuum pumps to be used ,Vacuum


The evaporator(water catcher,WanJia special R&D technology),inside the vacuum chamber condenses the water vapour, and ensures only dry air leaves the vacuum chamber towards the pumps, Outside the chamber,the cold medium(R104A) is cooled down by a refrigeration system ,the compressor needed for this heat exchange process issupplied by Bitzer(France) or by Hanbell (China Taiwan)


Three types of condenser systems can be chosen for cooling down the cold medium

Air condenser:the simplest construction,suitable for small system,Easy to integrate

Water condenser:Low cost ,efficient and easy to install ,perfect for most districts climates.

Evaporation condenser:Optimal system for dry climates ,or if water availability is limited

Control System:

The specific develop control system ensures that the cooling process works pefect, even with partial loading , the target temperature will be realized quickly , without freezing of the delicate vegetables, the processing data are collected in the system, and all relevant processing parameters can be seen on the display.

The electronics used are from LS(LG group),Control valves&components come from leading suppliers like Danfoss and Leybold. The system can be started with on push the button, the touch screen display is very easy to operate and user friendly,the menu will be supplied in the local language.